Saturday, September 4, 2010

Abstract Irises

All those lovely frames that I have been collecting to display my photos will finally be utilized ... every last one of them. I'm committed to this ... or will be committed if I don't do it. I've just finished this series of abstract irises that I've been working on and I like the moodiness of them. My good friend, Jo-Ann, has created an incredible garden on her farm and over the years she has dug up plants for me to bring back to "Chinook Country" with the warning: "Careful, these will take over the world" but sadly, not my world. Our extremely cold, dry winters are more often than not the death nell for some of these beautiful plants. The hardy irises are, thankfully, another story. They seem to thrive on the harsh conditions and neglect that come with living on our southern Alberta farm. And I love, love , love the names that Iris breeders give their 'progeny': Ballet in Blue; Anything Goes; Neon Cowboy; Thunder Quay; Eternal Waltz. That's half the fun of perusing the plant catalogues. Next year, I will catalogue our own but these 3 were from a series that I did in Jo-Ann's garden.