Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Changin’ It Up!
Every once in a while we need to change it up a bit. The ruts we create for ourselves are self imposed gates. Sometimes the gates take too much energy to open, other times they just need a little imagination to figure out.
This picture reminded me that often a change is just needed to clear the mind, shake off the cobwebs and move in a more creative direction. Michaela decided to “change it up” for Walsh by taking him from the jumper ring and his English tack, to racing around the barrels. He seems to enjoy it and he looks content in this picture taken on Easter weekend, 2010. I’m going to figure out something that I need to change up over the next month and see if there is a difference in my energy, my outlook or just myself. I want to look back on May 1st and see a difference.

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